Why www.Post-Punk.com?

  So what do I hope to accomplish with this website?

Well to begin with, I hope to create a thriving community of creative individuals from all over the world, and from all walks of life that have a similar interest in the Post-Punk era. I want the hardcore old school fans to mingle and network with the young fresh fans, and new generation of artists that are continuing to shape the Post-Punk scene. I've noticed a large rift that exists currently between the older fans that have been into these artists since they started, and the young people that are just discovering this wonderful style, and diving in to immerse themselves with as much of it as they can find. It seems a lot of the older fans are unaware of many of the newer artists, and many of the newer fans aren't aware of many of the more obscure, but amazing classic artists.

But hopefully by utilizing modern technology, and through a combination of this core site, a message board, mailing list, chat rooms, etc. this community will help to solve that problem. Bridging this generation gap, that is keeping this scene from reaching it's full potential. I hate using the term "Scene" when talking about this style, as it isn't some trend that will come and go. It's an established movement that's been building for over 25 years. However it is a scene in the sense that everyone involved can identify with each other in some way. We all feel like a family when we get together. People that appreciate Post-Punk tend to be pretty open-minded, and willing to go out on a limb to try new things. which is one of the main reasons this genre is so incredibly diverse!

Now Post-Punk.com can't thrive without YOU! That's right.. I have created this site as a central meeting point for hundreds of people, but we need YOU to make it grow. How can you do that you ask? Well it's really quite simple. Contribute to the site. Send in your own reviews, articles, link suggestions, etc. Anything and everything you can contribute, will help to build and shape this site for the hundreds of other members of the community. I don't care if you have a journalism background or not, I don't care how you write your reviews, articles, etc. Just write them, and send them.

You get full credit for anything you submit, as well as the ability to cross-promote whatever personal projects you may be working on. I'm happy to add your links if you take the time to help out with the site.

Well I guess that about explains the purpose of this site.. so go enjoy, learn, contribute, and CREATE!

Your Webmaster, and Community Founder,

Joshua A. Pfeiffer

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