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+ Blackwater Posted: 9-2-2006
Nona Briar always thought getting a recording contract and becoming a famous musician was her road to easy street. Then she found out how fans can really relate to your music. This short story by first-time author Meghan Paczolt shows the other side of fame and adulation.
+ American Murder Mysteries Posted: 9-30-2003
Once again, kids are shooting each other in schools in America. Will Goths be blamed again? Are Goths truly to blame? Who is to blame? Are any of us innocent? regular Sam Baynham explores the issues.
+ Fashionable for a Day Posted: 4-12-2003
An essay by regular Sam Baynham, asking: “What would you do if you woke up one day and moved from being an individual to a face in the crowd?” What happens to a goth scene when it gets “discovered”?
+ The Crystal Myth: Posted: sometime in 2001
One of the’s more controversial articles... This is a first-hand, first-person account of the havoc wreaked on the Washington, DC goth/freak scene by crystal meth in the 1990s. Is it “anti-drug”? Or is the author just calling it like she saw it?
+ Growing Up Punk Posted: sometime in 2001
One punk artist’s account of how he grew from a sensitive young lad into a theater-junkie punk. By Caleb Lenertz.
+ Punks on Film Posted: sometime in 1999
ZuZu Cypher surveys the appearances and portrayals of punks in movies from the late ’70s to the early ’90s, including everything from independent films to mainstream Hollywood fare to movies made by punks themselves.
+ Sellout! Posted: sometime in 1999
It’s pretty easy to call that-band-you-used-to-like “sellouts”. But what does the term really mean? Is signing a record deal selling out? What about changing your musical style? How much are we just fucking over our own by calling them sellouts any time they get past the 500-or-less-seat venues?
+ Why Punks Should Support Open Source Posted: sometime in 1998
This article was written back in 1998, and many of the events referred to in it are no longer as “recent” as they were described here. But the basic point — that the open-source software movement’s DIY and power-to-the-people ethic is one that jibes well with punk philosophy — is one that’s still relevant.
+ It’s Not About Death Posted: sometime in 1998 webmaster Kai MacTane’s essay on why the underlying philosophy of goth is life-affirming rather than death-focused has been on this site nearly since its inception. It’s a call for bravery among us.

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