"Formaldihyde Fix FAQ"
FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

This is where all of those questions your DYING to know the answers to, Get Answers!! If you have a question that you don't see here, feel free to E-mail it to me at "rickamortis@gothpunk.com" And I'll answer it then post it here along with all the other questions you creepy characters have been asking!


  • Do Any Of The Band Members, Reflect Your Personality?
  • What Are All The Names On The Tombstones From The Cover Page?
  • Why Is There A Banner That Says "The Undead" In The Background For The Cover Of Issue #1 ?
  • Who Are The Punks On Page #1 Modeled After?
  • What Does The Middle Deathrockers Shirt Say On Page #2?
  • Do You Realize You Mis-Spelled Formaldehyde?
  • Why The Name "Formaldihyde Fix"?
  • On Page #3 Why Is Paul's Name In Black?
  • What Are The Stickers On Paul And Bary's Guitars?
  • Did The Band Ever Tour Or Play With Any Famous Acts??
  • What's All Of The Title's On The CD's And Books On Page #6?
  • What's On All The Posters In The Background On Page #7?
  • What CD Are The Goth Kids Playing sdrawkcaB?
  • Why Merlin Munson? Why Not The ButtCheez Boiz, Or Outah-Sync??
  • Does The Incantation Mean Anything In English?
  • What's On The Graves On Page #9?

    Question 1: Do Any Of The Band Members Reflect My Personality?

    Of course, the whole comic reflects my personality! I know certain comic creators, pretend that they have nothing to do with the traits of their characters. But I won't B.S. like that! The band as a whole reflects my personality. Alot of the jokes I make about Goths reflects my feeling about the whole silly modern "Goth" scene. So there's your answer! Next!?

    Question 2: What Are All The Names On The Tombstones?

    Good question! Well let's see here. From left to right, we have Paul B. Cutler (Co-Founder of 45 Grave), J. Slutt (Johnny Slutt, of Specimen), Cancer (Dinah Cancer also of 45 Grave), Vanian (Dave Vanian, of The Damned), Eva O (formerley with The Super Heroines, and Christian Death), Damion A. Tidd (Damion knows who he is =D ), Tim Burton and Danny Elfman (My favorite duo), and a very special Grave is in the very back, It's Rozz Williams own Monolith (Rozz, formerly of Christian Death, and former Husband of Eva O) That's all of em. Next??

    Question 3: Why Is There A Banner That Says "The Undead" In The Background Of Issue one's Cover?

    Because origionally when I first started working on this book, The bands name was "The Undead" but I found out that there already was a band called "The Undead" (Former Misfits Guitarist Bobby Steele's band) And in order to avoid any legal issues, I simply changed the name of the band to "Formaldihyde Fix". I'll explain later where I got the name from.

    Question 4: Who Are The Punks Modeled After?

    Ok well the mohawked Punk is modeled after the Scottish "Exploited" Punks from the early 80's (second wave Punks) and the singer is a mixture of "Darby Crash" (The GERMS), and "Johnny Rotten" (The Sex Pistols) I kind of wanted to just make him a generic Punk singer, but I was listening to The GERMS, and the Pistols when I drew it up.

    Question 5: What Does The Middle Deathrockers Shirt Say On Page 2?

    "The Danged" It's a copyright avoidance on my part, and It's cute to change real band names into silly similar names (I do that with all the bands in the book).

    Question 6: Do You Realize You Mis-Spelled Formaldehyde?

    Of course I realize I mis-spelled it!! I did it on purpose! It's an homage to Old School bands that used to mis-spell their names on purpose.

    Question 7: Why The Name Formaldihyde Fix?

    Well I got the idea from Mark Splatter who uses that term as his signature for E-mails, and at the time I was trying to think of a replacement name for "The Undead", all I had so far was "The Casket Club", and "The Hearse Society" both of them were too cheesy so I got a clue from Marks sig bar, and created the bands name! Oh By the way, go check out Marks excellent resource page for Deathrock at:


    Question 8: Why Is Pauls Name In Black?

    Simple, the background behind his name is predominantly white, so white lettering wouldn't look right! I guess It could also be because Paul was named after "Paul Cutler" of 45 Grave, who passed away around the early 90's.

    Question 9: What Are The Stickers On Paul And Bary's Guitars?

    Ok, Paul: T.O.S.L (TSOL pun), DK (Dead Kidneys), and 54 Grave (45 Grave). Bary: Social Destruction (Social Distortion), and Christian Depth (Christian Death)

    Question 10: Did The Band Ever Tour Or Play With Any Famous Acts?

    Why yes, yes they did. In fact they went on tour with 54 Grave, TOSL, The Supah Heroines, and 100 Flours. They also opened for The Nitwits, The Danged, and Hoodoo Church.

    Question 11: What's All The Title's On The Books And CD's On Page #6??

    Oh Geeeeez, You really want to know that that badly huh? Can't figure em out yourself I see! Ok from left to right, The CD's: Mega House Party 92', Baumaus ("Crinckle", "Worst Of 78-83"), Sisters Of Money ("A slight case of overnumbing", "Floodgates", "Vision Impaired", "First Last And Never"), Sushi & The Badcheez ("Something Upon A Time"), A Cure ( "Drowning In The Sea", "More", "Decomposition"), Deppresed Mode (Violation), Dull Can't Dance (Sing In Gibberish), CORN (Some Crappy Album), Charcoal Chamber (I Wanna Be Goth), Oarngey (Bad Electro Metal), Nine Inch Tails (I Hate You, I Hate Myself, I Hate Everyone), Merlin Munson (Smells Like $$, Portrait Of $$, POP Superstar, Mechanical Puppets), Karmal (Spooky Darkwave Comp), Industrial Madness (ed note: There really is an album called that! Oops), Rumplestiltskein (German Metal), Even More 80's Crappola, "The UBERGoth Box, Over 3 hours of boring played out music, that's on every other Goth comp! (hehehe), The Even Bigger Goth Box, With 3 new tracks that aren't on The UBERGoth Box!, Yep Another Damn Goth Comp. That's all the album titles. Now for the books.

    Books: Intercourse With A Wampyre, Mopey B. Dark, The Vampire Chronicles, Evil Spells For Dummies, The Collected: "Joey The Maniacal Psycopath", Every Freakin Sandguy Book Ever, Evil The Easy Way, The Goth Book: Nick Nercer, Fun With Goth Bashing : Nick Nercer, Gimmee Yer Soul: Merlin Munson.

    Ok so some of the titles are pretty cheezy, so why don't you try making that many puns?? Hehehehe good luck!

    Question 12: What's On All The Posters In The Background Of Page 7?

    Geeez, once again you take all the fun away from figuring these things out on your own! Well anyways from (yes you guessed it) left to right: Baumaus: Resurection Tour 98, Sisters Of Money: Another Merciless Release, Faith And The Shoes, Nine Inch Tails: I Hate Myself, and A Cure: Headless Doors. Oh and a bonus!!! The guys sweatshirt says Hat Department (not Hate Department!)

    Question 13: What CD Is Being Played Backwards?

    Hmmmmm, maybe Merlin Munsons newest CD single!! It's called "Res-Erection" and It's from his yet to be released new album.

    Question 14: Why Munson? Why Not The Butt Cheez Boiz Or Outah-Sync?

    Because what self respecting Pretentious, UberGoth, Kinderbat would listen to such drivel as "Boi Bands"??

    Question 15: Does The Incantation Mean Anything In English?

    Hehe, go watch "Army Of Darkness", then watch "The Day The Earth Stood Still"!

    Question 16: What's On The Graves On Page 9?

    Ok I guess I can tell you that? R.I.P. Rick A. Mortis, VANIAN, J Slutt: Specimen, Here Lies Paul D. Kay. A Pitcher Of Beer Took Him Away, Morden (Paul Morden from "The Brickbats), In Memorum: Cutler, R.I.P. I.B. Dedd. 20,000 volts straight to his head.

    Ok people I need more questions! So send em all my way please!