Last Updated: 11/5/82 (actually '00, but '82 was a cooler year)

So yeah there is finally some news! I've gotten off my ass and started a massive redesign of the site. Not only to make it look nicer, but so it's easier for all you fixsters to navigate, and hopefully it will help cut down on the long ass load times for people on slower connections.

As far as the new issue, I've been done with the actual art for the first two pages, for quite awhile... I just haven't had a chance to edit the panels and get them up on the site.

Besides the fact that my personal life has been hell recently, I really haven't had much time to contribute to new art... I may just do a few pin-ups of some completley different style to get my mind off the comic, then I'll be able to come back refreshed and ready to go!

P.S. Isn't it just fitting that someone like myself, lose their job the day after "Halloween" heh
(A little too ironic, and I really do think..)