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The Care and Feeding of Mohawks

by Gabz Puke

This is pretty much everything I know about mohawks.

How to make your ’hawk healthier and grow faster:

How to remove styling products:

If you use Elmer’s glue, Knox, egg whites, etc.:
  1. Drench hair with warm water.
  2. Grab a handful of baking soda in each hand.
  3. Rub hands together (with a chunk of hair between them) starting at the roots, and work your way to the ends adding more baking soda each time. Keep doing this untill your hair has a white, paste look and can’t stand up anymore.
  4. Rinse with warm water.

Note: You may have to do this several times before all the product comes out. Afterward, shampoo, and condition your hair.

If you use styling glue or hairspray:

Usually basic shampoo will work, but in some cases its best to buy a Clairifying shampoo (whatever brand styling glue you use, usually has their own cleansing shampoo, that works great and is less harsh on your hair).

How to spike your ’hawk:

This generally depends on if you want liberty spikes or the “fan” look. Also, depending on the height of your hair, you may need an extra person for assistance.

The author with liberty spikes.
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For spikes:

  1. Section your hair into however many spikes you want (I prefer 5-6)
  2. Pull up the first section
  3. Apply product starting at the base and working your way up
  4. Blow-dry the heck out of it
  5. Repeat on all sections until your hair is fully spiked

For the “fan” effect:

All right, this is a tricky one, and I have yet to master it, but here we go.

  1. Pull up a strip of hair with a comb
  2. Lace it with hairspray
  3. Blow dry the hell out of it
  4. Continue to next section.

For a perfectly straight look, use a hair straightener after it is completely up. I use it before and after, since my hair is wavy.

Recommended products:

If you have a short mohawk, I suggest using a styling glue. Ice is a common one found in every hair junk aisle, but there is an off-brand that is way cheaper. The name escapes me at the moment, but it comes in a yellowish-orange bottle.

If you have a long ’hawk, I suggest using Rave #4 hairspray. This stuff defies gravity, and is cheap! Add a little bit of watered down glue at the tips to keep spikes from splitting.

I don't really recommend Elmer’s glue because it wreaks havoc on hair, and removing it can be a bitch.

How to get a mohawk:

If you don’t have a uni-brow, pretty much stay aligned with your inner eyebrows, and shave off the rest.

If you have a uni-brow, take a strip of duct tape, run it down the center of your head, and shave off everything else on your scalp.

When it comes to being a chick with a tri-hawk and not being rejected by mankind and guys alike, I can’t help ya there. All I can say is that if ya can’t take the heat, don’t get a mohawk!

[Editor’s Note: If you can’t take the heat, maybe you’d rather try having big hair?]

Gabz Puke has been wearing mohawks for a long time, and deserves to find a nice, ’hawk-loving guy. This is her first submission to the