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+ Was Posted: 7-16-2006
How do you know when it went wrong? Why he left, what you did, what he wanted, or thought, or felt? What do you do when you just want to cut, but you never want to give him the satisfaction? A poem by Ella.
+ Enmity Posted: 12-7-2003
Amanda Depew packs a powerful exploration of alienation and doubt into less space than a sonnet, in a poem that lays bare the heart of darkness.
+ The Truth Posted: 10-8-2003
Sandra Flood shows what it’s like to have everyone around you assume that you’re evil... to be set apart from everyone, desperately wondering what’s wrong.
+ My Asylum Posted: 10-1-2003
Is she crazy? Or is she just institutionalized? Is it really that crazy to be different from others? Patty Weingart shows us a slice of broken life in the Asylum.
+ Why I Wear Black Posted: sometime in 2001
First she tried wearing grey to escape attention. It didn’t work, so she switched to wearing black for power. A poem about becoming goth, by Artemis Hunter.
+ a nation divisible with justice invisible Posted: sometime in 2001
Pledge allegiance to *what?!?* What does the red, white & blue stand for now? A poem about the decay of democracy, by kendl.

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