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+ The Death of Punk Is Brought To You By... Posted: 12-7-2003
Back in the ’80s, mainstreamers predicted that punk would die “as soon as those kids grow out of it.” Who would have thought that the biggest threat to punk would be its adoption by the mainstream? By Gerrit Kat.
+ Go Ahead, Call Me Bitter Posted: 10-22-2003
When your governemnt’s gotten into four foreign wars in the past two decades, when the schools that are supposed to be teaching our youth are instead banning books and movies... who wouldn’t be bitter? By Singe.
+ Middle-Child Syndrome and Gothica Posted: 9-19-2003
When Sybelion first came home wearing spiked dog collars, she got a lot of... “resistance” from her family. Now that they’ve learned to accept, her sister claims to be the real goth. Sibling rivalry or identity theft?
+ Mainstream Metamorphism: Posted: 11-15-2002
Goth Elder Naythe Somerest rants about the recent homogenization of the scene... when we accept mainstream values, what separates us from them?
+ The War Against the Mundane Posted: 9-20-2002
Is goth really a “permissive, inclusive culture” — or have we turned it into such a fashion show that it’s just as shallow and appearance-driven as a beauty pageant? A rant by Sam Baynham.
+ On My Planet Posted: sometime in 1998
Mohawk Jack’s recollections of Cons, the early-’90s DC scene, musings on Hunter S. Thompson, and much more.

“So,” you may be wondering, “where are all the punk rants at?” Funny, that — we haven’t had any submitted since Mohawk Jack’s piece. Come on, you punks... someone out there’s gotta have something to rant about! The US government’s stomping on civil liberties and trying to get everyone’s reading records at home, while abroad it’s bombing anything Muslim-looking and pissing off everyone else. The Sex Pistols are doing a reunion tour. Tony Blair’s credibility is in tatters. And then there’s Avril Lavigne... c’mon, isn’t anyone gonna tell the world how much she needs to be bludgeoned with a golf club by Jello Biafra, the surviving Ramones, and the ghost of Joe Strummer? Whatever ya got, send it to webmaster@GothPunk.com.

(This doesn’t mean we’ll turn down gothic rants, of course... you gloomy types, keep it coming. But the punks are being too quiet. It ain’t right, I tell you.)