Submission Guidelines

All submissions to the must include the author’s name — or at least, whatever name you want your work credited with. (It doesn’t have to be your “real” (legal) name, but we don’t want to put up a fabulous picture or story and credit it to “some random nameless goth or punk”.) If you’re sending in some kind of written material (essay, rant, story, poem, review...), then you need to include an author bio. Details on that are found below, under “Writing”

All submissions should be sent to If you’re including an attachment (word-processor document, image file), please include some text in your email that describes what you’re sending (as well as your desired name, plus your author bio if it’s written material).

Please do not send any kind of executable attachments (.exe, .bat, .vbs, etc.) Any email containing such attachments will be automatically deleted by our virus-filtering software.

If you’re looking for any kind of suggestions on things we want and need, you can find those on our requests and ideas page.


You can send us clip art or full-scale illustrations, and either type of art may be hand-created (drawings, paintings, etc., presumably scanned), computer-created, or photographic (or any combination of the three). Clip art should be small enough to flow text around easily (say, no bigger than about 250x250 pixels); full-scale illustrations may be as large as you like (though we’ll shrink them down a bit if they’re wider than around 600-700 pixels).

Photos should be high quality, crisp images that aren’t underexposed (a chronic problem for pictures of night-life!). We want stuff that can be made out even on a shitty monitor. Scans of artwork, likewise, should be reasonably good quality. However, we can do some tweaking of images to try to bring out details where necessary.

Important Note! All photos that include recognizable people must be accompanied by some type of permission or consent from the model(s) involved. If you have an actual release form and can somehow scan and send it, that’s great. But if you simply tell us that you do have all the models’ permissions, and none of them mind being posted on the Internet, than we’ll be satisfied with it. (Note that "recognizable" doesn’t just mean "famous"; it means that anyone whose face is visible and could be recognized by them or their friends must give their consent to have their picture on this Web site.)


Written submissions should always be accompanied by an author bio, as mentioned above. Author bios are the 30 to 50 words underneath that red horizontal line at the bottom of your piece, that describes who you are, what you’re like, and what you’re about. Bios should be phrased in the third person. Bios can have links to other stuff that you want to promote, too: check out the bios on the West Memphis Three, or The Crystal Myth, or ZuZu Cypher’s two articles. In fact, those are good examples all around; they should give you a good idea of the style.

Aside from that, submissions may be in pretty much any easily readable format — plain ASCII text, MS Word, WordPerfect, Rich Text Format. You can even submit in HTML, though we’ll probably change the code around to fit with our site code.

Please do not send us a PDF. Extracting the text would be a real pain in the ass, and we’d probably just have to retype the whole thing. Which ain’t gonna happen.

While it’s awfully nice if you spell-check your submission before sending it (or even proofread it by eye, if you’re good at that), the spelling and grammar aren’t critical. We’re not your English teacher; we can do the editing and proofing. What we’re looking for most of all is new ideas, well-presented ideas, and stuff that’s fun and interesting to read.

If you want to send a review, by all means do! We’re seriously looking for good reviews. But please read the review guidelines before writing it, and make it at least 600 words long — a too-short review is almost as bad as no review.